Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I wish my garden looked like this.

It's Spring in the capital and it really is a gorgeous time of year.
There is a sense of renewal and freshness. All in all I feel a little like a butterfly emerging. My wings are a little battered and bruised and my antennae need a bit of a tune up but I'm coming out into the light and the warmth and it feels good.
The sun is out and when it is on my back my shoulders relax for the first time in what seems like ages.
 It's still -2 degrees in the morning but it is now 19 degrees in the middle of the day. Today, I'm not wearing socks - a spring milestone.

A couple of weekends ago a house in our street had their garden open for inspection and I decided I would like to move into their space!


All those daffodils and jonquils. It's enough to make my heart fly!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Sunday auction

Today was a beautiful Canberra spring day, blue sky, no clouds and ...in the sun....quite warm. We planned to go for a bushwalk until...I saw a lot of people milling around the backyard of the house over the back fence. There was a deceased estate auction about to start.
I have never been to an estate auction but for a second hand fiend like myself - it was irresistible.
 The bushwalk was forgotten as I ran round and spied all sorts of interesting things to be auctioned.
I got myself a bidders card, a catalogue, a fold-out chair passed over the back fence from home, a sausage sandwich from the Scouts stall set up on the fromnt lawn, and I was set for the day.
 My husband and 16 year old son joined me and it was so much fun. Watching all the different things been sold, watching all the different people buying. Sitting in a gorgeous backyard that I had always admired and... every now and then...bidding on some things.
My son was a very unlikely accomplished bidder.
And did I come home with anything?
You betcha!

These vintage tapestry kits, all unused.

This table and three chairs.

Plus a desk, a computer chair, 2 clocks, a picture of a vintage car (16 year old bargain ) and a Xmas angel that lights up with different colours (huge hit with the 5 year old).
All for $100. Not bad.

A great day. Not as energetic as a bushwalk but just so much fun!

Megan xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Review on Whipup

Very excitingly I have a review published here on the wonderful Whipup site.
 I so enjoyed the reading and the reviewing of these books.
Thank you, Kathreen, for giving me the opportunity!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Although it may seem a little hard to believe if you live in the Northern hemisphere, Australia has ski-fields!
About two and a half hours from Canberra it looks a little like this

And this is where my family has been for the last few days.
In our family there are the good skiiers (the males) and the "developing skiers" (the females). Fortunately for us girls the boys are very good and patient instructors. My husband spent hours on the beginner slopes with our 5 year old daughter between his skis whizzing down in an endless snow plough. At the same time my gorgeous 19 year old son coaxed his very nervous mother down what I thought was a very steep slope by saying gently "Just remember to breathe, Mum, I don't think you're breathing!!"

The weather was beautiful

and some of us went very high indeed.

At the end of the day though, this was the best place to be.

Megan xx