Friday, 22 June 2012

Passing it on

I rather like being an aunt.
 Even when I write the word "aunt" it feels a bit strange. My aunts always seems so grown up and I don't feel terribly grown up.
 However, the fact remains that I have three nephews and two neices and I have to say they are all rather gorgeous.
 That's the other thing about being an aunt. You can gush about your neices and nephews and it's all o.k. No one thinks you're bragging,or taking the credit for their acheivments because they are one step removed from you. You can get all the relected glory without having to be modest about it. It's a winner this aunt thing.
 The downside of my aunt duties is that my neices and nephews live a long way away. Three in Cairns, two in Sydney. I would very much like to be closer to them all. However, because I do tend to hug and kiss and call them "Darling" a lot they may be grateful that I am some distance away.
One of my neices is twelve years old and showing some interest in sewing (be still my beating heart !!).

 Her father bought her a lovely sewing kit for Xmas and we have had a couple of sessions together doing some stitching.
Repair work mainly. Much loved stuffed animals with holes in them.  But I figure, it's only a small step from repairs to... embroidery, knitting, quilting.
 Well, an aunt can dream.
In the meantime, I do like passing on the skills. And spending time with this so interesting neice of mine.
And truly, all my gushing is justified :)

Megan xx

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