Saturday, 23 June 2012

Tissues and thermometers

We are in the middle of winter here in Canberra.
 It's cold, windy and at times rainy - outside. Inside -  our house anyway - we are churning through the tissue baxes and fighting over the thermometer.
 Our family has been struck by "the virus" this week. When I mention "the virus" to anyone they all seem to know who or what I am talking about so I think "he" must be sheltering from this cold weather in lots of people's houses at this time of year.
 In particular, this bug has struck down my 5 year old and my 18 year old. Two members of the family who don't often get sick, But this week they are sneezing, sweating, gulping down the cold meds and generally feeling miserable.
The 5 year old mainly seems to feel miserable at 3 a.m. which tends to make me feel a bit miserable but that is family life. If you want to sleep peacefully every night probably best to rethink having children.
On the whole, I don't mind tending to my sick family. it forces us all to slow down for a while, to maybe realise that we were a bit stressed, a bit busy maybe not looking after ourselves as much as we could have.
 As the main food provider in the family it makes me recommit to healthy eating, my mind turns to warming casseroles and soups. Surely wholesome food will keep" the virus" from knocking at out door again this winter.
So this week there has been a fair bit of resting on the couch and mooching around in dressing gowns. The week end is now here and hopefully we are on the mend. On Monday Mr Virus is being tossed out and we will resume our normal pace, our batteries recharged after some nuturing time.

And the 18 year old will have to give up watching TV with his siter and go back to work.
Some good things just can't last.
Megan xx

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