Monday, 22 October 2012

Some baking on a Monday morning

I do like to cook on a Monday morning. My 5 year old and I have a quiet day on Mondays, we recover from the week - end and ease gradually into the coming week.
I vaccuum, I toilet clean and I cook.
 This morning I cooked  a cake from the latest Frankie magazine. I promised myself I wouldn't buy this magazine anymore (in an attempt to cut down on money spent on such things) but when I saw the cover of the latest edition I couldn't resist

Cute embroidery - impossible for me to walk past!

So I made the orange cake. There are a few receipes for nice cakes in this edition, fruit cake and sponge. But I had spare oranges so orange cake is now on the menu for afternoon tea.

It was easy and I think it turned out pretty close to the way it looked in the magazine.
Their  cake,

my cake.

Monday morning baking...completed!

Megan xx

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