Monday, 29 October 2012

Big boys

There are a few challenges when you have a "spread - out" kind of family.The smallest child can be annoying and embarressing for a burgeoning teenage brother. There is a need to provide counselling sessions for work related issues, Year 12 related issues and "sharing your toys" issues. And finally, having to find a holiday destination that everyone is going to be happy with - skiing in Japan - impractical and far too expensive from a parent's point of view, perfect from a 19 year old point of view. A farmstay - perfect from a 5 year old point of view, "Lame!" from the point of view of all the older brothers!

However, we make it work and it works for us.
Sometimes, when there are no disruptions from smaller members of the family the big boys get to hang out to chat about cars, phones, music, motorbikes and....well.... more cars.
I heard them talking out in our backyard over the week - end and went out to find them looking like this

Having a chat, in the sun, enjoying each others company.
My husband and two oldest sons. I'm biased....but they are all pretty gorgeous!

Megan xx

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