Sunday, 4 November 2012

A dolly for my girl!

I recently reviewed a doll making book for this lovely website and it kind of got me thinking about dolls and how nice it is to complete a project quite quickly and how much it can be appreciated by the smallest member of our household.
It's also a really nice opportunity to use some fabric from my way too large stash.

This doll was finally finished this week end. It is from a pattern I bought ages ago at a craft fair. The pattern came with this very sweet face which I had planned to add some embroidery to but Miss 5 years couldn't wait for any of that carry on, thank you very much. She wanted the dolly straightaway!! The pattern is from here. It is super easy to put together, very suitable for a beginner and the end result is nice and fat and cosy - just right for cuddling.

And that's exactly what my girl did!

I've now made a number of dolls for this gorgeous girl of mine. They only stay popular for a short period of time but I guess I hope that one day she might be passing them on to her daughter for a few more cuddles...I can dream anyway.


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