Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It's been a while.

Well, the last few months have slipped away and now I find myself in 2013. The first day, to be precise. I do like the possiblilities of a new year and I feel especially strongly this year about the newness because 2012 was not a great year for me.
With the death of my sister, Jane came so many emotions, so many ups and downs I may as well have been riding a see-saw for the latter part of 2012. But now 2012 is over and although I will never be the same person I was before Jane's ridiculously early death I am ready to resume my life and perhaps to tweak it in certain directions that now seem more important than they did 12 months ago.
 I have become very interested in the idea of happiness and how to attain and retain it. I read The Happiness Project and felt as though Gretchen was talking directly to me so I am on a bit of a happiness project myself which in it's early stages seems to be making quite a change in my life....will let you know how it all progresses.
I have also decided to return to my "career" of nursing. I start my refresher course in early March and feel pretty excited about this development in my life too. I think this blog may expand to include a little happimess stuff and maybe a little nursing stuff. I am beginning to realise that there is not a lot written about nursing and boy, there is a lot of stories banked in the memories of most long term nurses! Another book completed over the last few weeks is this book. For a nurse, this book is pretty funny and very relevant. For someone who is just about to return to nursing it was a bit off-putting, a little too honest. But still....I enjoyed it and hope to add a little of my own nursing experiences here in my notebook.

In the meantime you can still find me doing quite a bit of this,

Another gorgeous Alicia Paulson sampler. I do love her designs!
My New Year's resolutions? Well, one of them would be to be a bit more presnt in this space. Let's see how I go!

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