Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just back but now going again!

January is the main "going way" time here in Australia and our family is no exception.
Because Canberra is nowhere near the sea most Canberrans relocate for a week or two to "the coast" "The coast" can mean pretty much mean anywhere along the eastern seaboard of Australia but in our case it is a sleepy little village in the township of Jervis Bay.
We go there every year and I love it, as does my 13 year old son. As the time draws nearer to leave I can see him getting happier and happier and that is lovely thing to see in a 13 year old boy.
So we are packing, cooking, shopping and preparing to load two cars to get ourselves there. I plan to swim, walk on the beach, drink a few galsses of wine with good friends and enjoy watching my family as they relax before my eyes.

How many boxes of cereal does one family need for holidays?? Lots!

I will be back....I promise. I have a New Year's resolution to uphold, after all!

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