Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Another sampler done.

I am feeling very pleased to be finishing off some projects lately. A lot of them seem to be cross - stitch samplers but seeing as this is one of my favourite things to stitch I just have to go with it - they are so much fun.
I have just discovered Blue Ribbon Designs which has got so many wonderful sampler patterns I literally don't know where to start!
 I do also really enjoy Alicia's designs and the style and feeling of her blog. I have just finished the Midsummer Spigs ABC Sampler. Alicia designed this pattern to be done on black Aida but Black is a tricky colour to stitch on to. I found I could only stitch during the day as light at night wasn't good enough to see where I was going.So I did mine on Rustic Aida and I did change the colours of some of the flowers so that they would stand out better on the light fabric.

.Now I really need to get some of these finished projects on to the wall. Trouble is...framing isn't nearly so interesting as stitching.

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