Friday, 1 February 2013

It rained...and the boys cooked!

It has been super hot this summer. Canberra has been baking beneath the sun everyday and it has felt a bit relentless, this heat. Canberra is known for it's cold winters which I actually really like. The downside of liking the cold is that you don't cope quite so well when it is hot! they say...there is nothing you can do about the weather!
The other day thunderstorms were predicted and as the afternoon wore on it got cloudier and more oppressive until about dinnertime when it poured and it blew and it was very noisy.

Rain swept into the back room through the wire doors, our parched trees were pummelled with water and I stood at the door and let the smell of rain and the breeze blow straight into my face - it was so good.

And behind me, my husband and oldest son "cooked"dinner. There was much jostling, mucking around, heated discussion and mess but a delicious dinner was produced.

As we sat down for dinner that night in a darkened, cooler room I felt my life was pretty darned good. Rain and not having to cook dinner - it doesn't get much better than that!

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