Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cross stitch for a 17 year old

Is it possible to do a cross-stitch picture that a 17 year old boy won't have to feel embarressed about displaying in his bedroom?? Or perhaps more realistically, a cross-stitch that he won't hide in a drawer and only pull out when he knows I am verturing in to give him the vacuum cleaner??
 I seemed to have hit the mark, however, a short while ago when my second son had a birthday. This son is tall, lanky, thoughtful, very funny and into "retro" computer games. So, once again, I got inspiration from my Cross Stitcher magazine. I highly recommend this magazine if you are looking for bright, contemporary cross stitch patterns. lots of colour, lots of variety.

Anyway, I saw a pattern incorporating PacMen and I took a punt that it would be appreciated by the birthday boy. And it seemed to be. Even more rewarding is that it seems to have taken up residence on his desk. in the middle against his lamp...not hidden away at all!


I do love a young man who is not ashamed of his cross-stitching mother :)


  1. Wow! I have found a fellow geeky cross stitcher. Love it! Now if only I had that pattern. LOL! x

    1. It's a good one. I have a very cool cross - stitch book of tattoos which I'm keen to do something from too. Cross-stitch has come a long way!