Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cooking for more

We are a family of six but quite often our well worn dining table tends to look like this.

A table set for eight, not six.
 So, I need to provide food for eight, not six. Now don't get me wrong, I actually love this about my life. Back in my single days I would have run a thousand miles from the idea of cooking for more than person. Even then, even if it was only me, I would be more inclined to buy my dinner rather than make my dinner.
Now, however, my life contains a lot more people and quite often these beautiful people in my life ask friends, girlfriends, others over for dinner.
 If this is done at the last minute I spend large amounts of time gazing into the fridge and working out how I can "bulk up" my preplanned meal.
This delicious looking concoction (and I am being sarcastic) was a combination of vegetable korma (the orginal meal), leftover refried beans and leftover quinoa and sweet potato soup! I put it all together then made it go even further by adding one of my very favourite pantry staples - evaporated milk.

I could do a whole post on how much I love cans of evaporated milk but suffice to say that when I presented this stew/curry on a bed of rice. (Have I mentioned how much I love my rice cooker?) I got an extremly positive response from even the fussiest eaters.
So even though those single days meant less work in the kitchen I wouldn't swap that crowded table for anything.

Megan xx

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