Thursday, 17 May 2012

Library book cake

I am a really big fan of the local library. Whenever I have moved house, or city, even country it has been a priority to find the local library.
In fact in another life I could easily have been a librarian instead of a nurse. Maybe it's not too late....
 Anyway, back to cakes.
 My local library has an excellent selection of cookbooks which is an equally excellent thing for our bank balance. I do love to buy cookbooks but boy, are they expensive!!
Off I go to the library, borrow a whole lot of books and the only downside is that I have to lug them all home.
Some I will just glance at, but others I use heaps, cooks lots of meals from them and end up renewing them from the library over and over again. Either way it is a saving.

So my latest acquisition is this one, I really like Bill Grainger's recipes. They are not too complicated and the ingredients are all pretty accessible. My lifestyle doesn't lend itself to chasing around getting lots of obscure things to cook with. Young children and boutique food shops are not such a great combination.

This is what I cooked the other day and it was delicious.

Unfortunately, I only realised halfway through the process that the recipe called for polenta. I had to toss out my polenta because it was full of weevils so just used almond meal instead. Turned out just fine.

I had to hide it from the hungry teenagers because it was made for Playgroup morning tea but it was pronounced a success the following morning by my Playgroup buddies.

Free use of a great cookbook! What's not to like about the library!

Megan xx

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