Saturday, 19 May 2012


I have mentioned more than once that I have a big sister. And that I am spending quite a bit of time with her in Sydney at the moment. She is sick, pretty damn sick actually.
It's a difficult time for her, her partner, her children... and for me. It's hard to see someone you love feel really crappy.

Sometimes, though, amidst the doctors appointments, the hard hitting discussions and all the other generally crappy bits that crowd her life at the moment, my sister and I have some pretty nice times. We settle ourselves in her cosy lounge, surround ourselves with screens and craft and just chat.

Forgot to mention plates of food
We talk about our kids, our mother, quilting, art, dogs,
Because she is my big sister, I ask her advice and she very freely gives it to me. Because sisters can do that, they can speak their minds. My sister and I have been through lots of stuff as a team and all those experiences provide the glue that sticks us together.
It's a unique relationship this sisterly one.

Megan xx

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