Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Simply making your own bread.

So to continue on my path to a simpler life.
 I made my own bread! I have made bread in the past, mainly using a bread maker. It hasn't, however, been all that successful. I found my loaves ended up very heavy and quite doughy in the middle - a bit like spreading butter and honey on to a warm sponge - not as tasty as I had hoped.
 Following these attempts the bread maker went back on to the shelf and I headed back down to the bakery conveniently located at my local shops.
However, with my mind set on a simpler, more frugal and sustainable life I had another go at this bread making thing.
 I was reminded of a recipe I have tried before by Rhonda in her gorgeous book, Down to Earth. The recipe comes from a book called The Thrifty Kitchen. This is a great book with lots of ideas about menu planning and bulk cooking. Also easy recipes that don't require unsuual ingredients (my fave type of recipe)
The "No Knead bread" is ridiculously easy. Basically mix all ingredients in a bowl, wait 12 hours, turn dough, wait 8 hours, cook - done, beautiful bread to eat!

It turned out so well, a little like a sour dough in consistency but so much nicer than the bread maker version.
The only downside is that you have to think ahead, the whole process takes about 24 hours. However, I'm thinking that  I could get into a bread making rhythm and start the process every two days ( a loaf lasts approx 2 days in our household).
Alternatetively I can try an bread dough that you knead rather than the "no knead' variety.
Hmmm... back to the cookbooks.

So on Sunday, a gorgeous sunny autumn day in Canberra, we sat on the deck and devoured far too much homemade bread, butter and honey.
I have to say I felt just a little bit pleased with myself.
Megan xx

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  1. It's beautiful Megan! You do get into a rhythm and it just becomes part of the day. Fresh bread with honey in the sun sounds divine xx