Thursday, 9 August 2012

But life goes on.....

I think it is time to leave sickness and death behind on this blog. This space was not designed for such things.
 Although my sister's illness has been a huge part of my life this year - it is not all of my life. My life is cooking, embroidery, sewing, eating, knitting, rather unsuccessfully growing vegetables and soon....bee-keeping. So, lots to keep me occupied.
Another change with this space is that now it is my space alone. Jules has decided that she will be starting a new venture - and very exciting it all is too - so watch this space and I will link to Jules' new website as soon as possible. She is such a talented girl! So you'll only see my name signing off around here but I do hope that we can get some convos happening. Feel free to comment if you get the urge.
So, a bit of a new start, a new commitment.
And on this gorgeous winter day in Canberra, that all feels pretty good.

Megan xx

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