Saturday, 25 August 2012

Can he really be 19??

Yesterday my oldest son had a birthday. His 19th birthday!
Can I really be the mother of a 19 year old? It seems impossible.
I know everyone says how fast ime goes but it truly only seens a few years ago that we brought him home from hospital scared to death that we weren't going to be able to look after him properly. He was so small!!
 Now he's 6 foot tall and gorgeous. Well, I am his mother and perhaps a little biased.

Early morning present opening
I feel so fortunate that my children have turned out to be so very likeable. Of course, I love them to pieces - all of them. But to  like all of them and want to spend time with all of them - this is such a bonus.
 This biggest boy of mine is kind, friendly, intelligent, loves his family and friends, does funny voices to make me laugh and always knows when things are not all that right in my world and gives me a huge, heart - warming hug.
 19 years ago we could not have asked for a better start to our family.
Thank you, my darling boy and Happy Birthday!

Birthday kisses from the little sister!

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