Sunday, 26 August 2012

Did I say I wasn't going to buy anything new??

I was feeling very virtuous a few weeks ago because the Quilt and Craft Show came to town. I said to Jules, "Should we go?" and very sagely, we both decided that we had enough fabric, yarn, threads etc to start our own craft outlet and that really we needed to stay away from the show...for our own good!

I was staying firm until my gorgeous husband said that he thought I "should" go. "You love craft", he said. "You could try not spending any money....", he dubiously said. That, I told him, would be impossible. Money would be falling out of my wallet before I walk two steps into the hall.
So I didn't go.
Instead I went to the Spotlight sale.  Just after the virtuous week end.
 I didn't buy too much - really I didn't.

Anyway enough guilt. One of the things I bought was some black Aida for cross-stitch. I have never used black Aida but I have just downloaded Alicia's latest sampler and I wanted to do it on the black background as she has done. Alicia used a black linen but I just find it so much easier and faster to stitch with Aida so I went for this option.

So, even though I did say that wouldn't buy anything unless I had finished 3 WIPs I have in fact bought quite a few things. But they were on sale. Does this let me off the hook??


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