Friday, 17 August 2012

Something is eating my greens.....

and it isn't my children!!

I am definitely not gifted in the garden but I am very keen to have a small vegetable garden. Very keen. I mean, everyone is growing their own food and I am feeling very inspired by photos on the internet of people carrying baskets laden down with food from their own gardens. I want to be one of them!
 Sadly my fledgling vegie patch is being enjoyed by non human creatures and I can't keep them away.
This is the damage they are doing,

See those slightly nibbled bits?

So I went to the nursery with those nibbled leaves in a plastic sleeve for the nursey man to look at and he said that I needed to spray my beautiful, organic vegetables to keep the bugs off them. I was aghast! Insecticides in my garden! However, he reassured me that it was all very natural and I sceptically bought and then administered the spray.
It has helped quite a bit but those invisible critters are still attacking my greens. Do I need to keep spraying or does someone out there know of a better, less toxic way?
I would so appreciate some "green" advice :)


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