Monday, 13 August 2012

Whipping those WIPs into shape

I am drowning in WIPs.
It's a big statement but I fear it isn't too far removed from the truth.
I've got little stashes of unfinished projects all over  the house. In boxes, in baskets, on tables, in shelves. It's time to finish things off.
 The trouble is it is so delicious to start a project. I love the whole process of starting. Choosing the project, buying the materials (the internet makes this bit ridiculously easy) and then the truly great feeling when you start with the first few stitches. A clean slate, full of possibilities - it will be the best thing you have ever made....until you start thinking about the next project!
 This is why craft is addictive!
So I am making a promise to myself. No more new projects until ten (yes 10!!) WIPs are finished.
Yes, I have to confess I definitely would have more than 10 WIPs.But let's start with three unfinished projects, one knitting, one embroidery and one sewing.

Firstly, an unfinished cardigan,

then an unfinished cross-stitch sampler ( I actually have a couple of these but lets have a look at one)

And finally, an unfinished skirt which I would look really nice in this summer - if I finished it!

Ok, my goal is to have these all finished by the end of the year.

I'll keep you in the loop.


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  1. Good luck! And I was planning to tell you about a dress I just made... Don't want to tempt you, you will have a new skirt this summer instead ;-) Looking forward to hearing about the bees when we talk next xx