Friday, 20 April 2012


Whilst Jules has been driving around gorgeous countryside and taking photos that make me want to be where she is, we've been having a bit of a staycation.
 It's school holidays in our part of the world and this particular holiday means spending a bit of time with the cousins.What is it about being with your cousins? You don't see them for quite some time then when you do get together it all seems to fall into place as though you were never apart. I am particularly noticing this with my big boys. My 15 year old nephew is visiting this week and he has slipped right into our routine - no troubles at all. As a mother and an aunt - it is a sight for sore eyes.

Gotta love black socks and sandshoes!

 My nephew is in training for a cross country race so my three boys join him for a jog! They never jog without their cousin!
Fighting over what movie to watch in the evening? Doesn't happen when their cousin is here to help decide.
A 5 year old girl getting dressed quickly in the morning? Only happens when she wants to "look nice" for her "big cousin"
 New taste sensations when the cousin makes his killer guacamole dip for us to devour!
Large amounts of mess created by overflowing suitcase and makeshift bed on floor - but do I care? No way!

I might just have to keep him here forever.

Hunched over exciting new app on the oldest cousin's phone!

 Cousins - so cool!

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