Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The past few days...

...have been spent:

**  discovering historic towns and buildings

**  seeing possums, pademelons and a wombat

**  digging in the beach sand

**  listening to the silence at night. No street lights, no car sounds, just quiet

**  singing Beatles songs - our five year old knows more Beatles lyrics than anyone I know, weird huh?

**  playing famous people - a great guessing game to pass time in the car

**  staying on a farm with a fire lit for us each afternoon

**  eating bread from made from stoneground flour (from the mill above)

**  browsing antique stores

**  walking around, soaking up the sunshine and sitting on green grass

**  and boring my children by stating useless (but very interesting) facts about each town we pass through. Did you know that the first telephone call made in the southern hemisphere was made from Campbell Town to Launceston. See, useless but interesting!

How have you been spending your days? What useless but interesting facts have you got for me?

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