Sunday, 22 April 2012

More holiday happy snaps

We have spent the past few days resting and recuperating in a tranquil setting in the south of Tasmania. We stayed in a little cottage on 8 acres of bushland right on the waterfront. I have no words to describe how stunning this place was. It was so very beautiful. While playing on the beach here we had a fossick and came across fossil rocks. The children were captivated by these and they provided plenty of fodder for make believe story telling and imaginings.

Tassie and its weather has been kind to us so in addition to exploring the beach, we did a little exploration further afield and visited orchards, caves and thermal springs. I am captivated by a place where farmers can still sell produce at roadside stalls with honesty tins. You just pull up, serve yourself and leave your cash behind. In an unlocked tin. Unlocked. Not since I was a small child have I seen this. It feels good to know that honesty tins still exist.

And because we've been buying local produce from local farmers, we ate apple pie for dinner! No, not dessert, actual dinner. I made it all from scratch, including the pastry(!!) but we devoured it so quickly, there are no photos. It was good. I fed my family apple pie for dinner - oh how I love holiday food rules!!

What about you, what are your holiday dinner rules? Do you feed your family apple pie for dinner - or am I being neglectful feeding my children dessert at dinner time? It was wholesome (and all Tasmanian flour, butter, milk, apples, strawberries, cream), no sugar, made from scratch pie. But still, pie nonetheless.

And Megan, this (really bad) photo is for you. I forgot my stitching. Not good to have these hands idle. I know you get that. So, I walked into a gift shop and saw needles. Not quilting, embroidery or sewing needles. Bamboo knitting needles. I bought them. And a pretty wool/silk blend yarn. So, I've been knitting - real and proper knitting. With needles and wool and it's good. And not tight, but relaxed and relaxing. Now for the bomb: I'm liking it. Really, really liking it. It's not perfect but I'm finding it therapeutic. Me. Knitting. Enjoyable. Bet you never thought you'd hear those three words together ;)

Before I even began, I got myself in a real mess with the yarn, it took about two hours to unwind all the knots I put in it but after untangling it and winding it into a ball the needles started to click away. There's no stopping me now. I even managed to cast on all on my own!!! You'll have to show me how to read a pattern and do some interesting stitches when I'm home so I can do something other than a scarf! I like yarn. And because I've discovered that I like it so much, I'm going to visit the Waverly Woollen Mills while I'm in Hobart - any requests??

{Thanks to a special friend for showing me how to knit a little while back - I may have got no further on that project we started, but I am grateful for the skill and your teaching patience}

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  1. It looks like an amazingly beautiful part of the world! I think home made apple pie for dinner is perfectly fine. We've been known to have apple crumble for dinner when the mood strikes even when not on holiday ;-) Have a safe trip home xx