Saturday, 7 April 2012

Whole family day out

I have what people tend to refer to as a "spread-out" family. My children range in age from 18years down to a recently turned 5 year old. So trying to find an activity that everyone is happy to be involved in can be tricky. However, yesterday, a picnic by the lake was suggested and much to my joy, everyone put their hands up to come! Cynically I do think my 16 year old son was eager to find a way to avoid his avalanche on homework but... I'm not one to indulge in too much cynical thinking so I was just very pleased he was with us.

It was a gorgeous day.

And I cooked up a storm in the morning, lemon slice from a cookbook I borrowed from the library and a very delicious smoked salmon quiche.

I use the simple but effective quiche lorraine recipe from here but instead of using bacon I lined the base of the pastry case with smoked salmon pieces and slices of brie before pouring the egg and cream combo over the top.

It was the perfect picnic menu on a truly perfect Canberra autumn day.

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