Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Holidays with small people…

…are fun. LOTS of fun! Children have changed the way we holiday (obviously). We no longer run from place to place, packing in as much as we possibly can. Instead we go slow. And we notice detail. 

I notice doors. And fences. And gates. And I put them away for later - perhaps a quilt, perhaps some stitching, perhaps a sketch.

They notice shells and grass and flowers. And they find the most interesting rocks and feathers and gumnuts.

Holidays with small people can also be frustrating. With the "are we there yet?" and the "I'm bored". Also, the lack of the conveniences of home including the many distractions I have handy for the children. The organising of food and sleep without my own kitchen and without their beds. Overall though, I do enjoy the family time that comes with being together for extended periods without distractions. I love that we are forced to improvise, to get along and to work it out. 

Tell me, do you holiday with children? What car games do you have for me? Please share - tomorrow we are spending five hours driving - I'll need all the distractions I can get!!

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  1. hope you are having a wonderful time - looks like you might be!