Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Home and dinner time

While it has been wonderful to see, smell, taste and touch in Tasmania, we are all ready to be home. I'm ready to sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen and pick up some stitching. As relaxing and enjoyable as the knitting has been, my hands (and my mind) are aching for fabric, needle and thread.

I'm not too keen to end the holiday dinner rules though! Back to the grind of producing "proper" meals every. night. of. the. week. Oh, the drudgery of the daily dinner! We've not been eating apple pie for dinner every night here mind. We've had roast Berkshire pig with baked apple and just picked veg as well as ocean trout and a range of other amazing Tassie produce however, the dinners I'm going to take home from holidays are what a friend of mine calls snack dinner. A big plate with a range of cheese, fruit, veggies, cold cuts and some bread or crackers on the side. All pretty good stuff really. Easy to prepare, easy to eat. No complaining about what's been served as everybody just helps themselves to the bits they like.

With hungry mouths to feed, I always forget to photograph the final product.
This turned into an amazing dinner with the best pork crackle I've ever made! 
Do you have any easy dinner ideas for me? I need some inspiration to avoid falling back into a rut. What do you do for daily meals? 

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