Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fig Cake (gluten-free)

The sky is a brilliant blue, the trees are beginning to change colour, and the mornings are crisp and dewy. Autumn is definitely here. I love this season. All summer the fruits have been growing and ripening, and now harvest time is here. The abundance of early autumn is exciting and with the change of season come opportunities to experiment in the kitchen.

While at the farmers market I picked up a bag of fresh figs. They were ripe and juicy and oh so delicious. As there were more than I could eat alone, I decided on a cake.

It's a pretty basic batter poured over some fruit - really nothing much to go on about except that's its absolutely, completely delicious. so. very. good.

As a side issue, we have some wheat intolerances amongst us so I am developing a little collection of gluten free goodies. In doing so, I've discovered that almond meal can be expensive in these parts. My savings tip is to buy whole nuts by the kilo and grind them yourself in the food processor - it only takes a couple of minutes as I don't take the skins off, just blitz the whole nuts until they are a fine consistency - and if I'm really impatient, I leave them a little chunky as I like the texture. The result is a saving of about $24 per kilo - seriously worth the extra couple of minutes work.


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  1. this looks yummy (2 of the 5 of us are gluten-free... on the other side of the earth from you)