Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recusing the rainy day blues

This is what our place looked like the other day. Very wet and soggy.

My 12 year old couldn't play soccer with his buddies and my 5 year old couldn't swing on her swing. Grumpiness was the order of the day! There was a bit of fighting, a bit of sulking. A bit of ...unhappiness.
So... I lit a couple of candles, put on some music from these wonderful performers and got out the craft box.

The 5 year old was instantly engrossed, anything with glitter is always appreciated. But my 12 year old son was a latecomer to the party.

But then... after some long sighs and comments like, "This is a bit lame..." he started doing this,

and he ended up making quite a fleet of little airplanes,

including rather soggy airplanes.

It was fun.
It didn't last all afternoon but it lasted for a while and for a while peace was in our home.
The recusing powers of calming music, fragrant candles, glitter and paper cannot be unestimated.

Then the sun came out and made the glitter look even better.

Megan xx

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