Monday, 30 April 2012

Chooks that don't lay or - what I did last weekend...

Last Saturday was another superb autumn day in Canberra. The light in our little piece of the city looked like this.

So, even though it was a bit tempting to sit inside and work our way through this,

We love our weekend papers!
we actually tackled some dilemmas in the garden.
Namely this gorgeous girl and her two buddies.

They are not laying any eggs!!!
We've spoken sternly to them, waved axes in front of their beaks, asked them nicely, given them extra straw, given them extra food.... but still they have not produced the goods.
I know what we should do...but of course, we can't! They are our pets. the girl pictured above has been part of our family for more than a few years so she is off the hook. Her two friends, however, are younger, more fertile, or so you would think.

So we talked about this as a family as we pruned,

rather dramatically.
And made mud pies.

And then I realised that the chooks produce a very vital ingredient for my sad looking vegie patch

Poo - and lots of it!
So now the above vegie patch looks like this.

Weeds all gone and the soil turned over with beautiful fresh chook poo.
All ready for some serious planting to be done in the not so distant future.
So there you go, a long story but one with a happy ending.  For the chooks anyway!

Megan xx


  1. A wonderful post Megan. This is a lovely blog page with clear pictures. Are you feeding your chickens laying pellets? They usually lay at about 21 weeks with the right encouraging feed. Just think of that poop goodness though ... actions do speak louder than words :D

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Merryn. I have tried layers pellets, in fact that's all the chooks ever get but they continue to resist to all my pressure. It's a good thing I like to see them pecking around outside my window!!

  3. They are worth it for the delight Megan! Spring may be a good laying time for your chickies and in the mean time you can just enjoy them x