Monday, 9 April 2012

Cushions and cats

As I think I have mentioned before I am an enthusiastic knitter but not a knitter of complicated patterns. Simple but effective is what I aim for. I like a pattern that can fit into my world, i.e. a pattern that enables me to pick it up, knit a few rows, sling it down again when called away by an urgent child request, then pick it up again at the end of the day when I am feeling a little tired and foggy. However, I still would like it to look good when I eventually finish it!

I rather like knitting cushion covers because they tick most of the above boxes and really, you can't have too many cushions, especially when you are the proud owner of three cats!
Just as an aside, we started with two cats and probably should have stopped there because the first two were very cosy together. However, the RSPCA put a call out to say they had a surplus of beautiful kittens and I took the children down to "just have a look" get the picture I'm sure. The addition of Midge, pictured below, has caused angst in our small cat world but truly the occasional cat spats and subsequent cat antics produce a lot of entertainment for my children and my husband so I'm not complaining. We are a family that loves cats.

Anyway, my cushion cover,

Beautiful handmade quilt courtesy of the talented Jules
This gorgeous varigated yarn was bought at a local weekly market, see here. And the buttons came from this beautiful shop which I visited on a recent trip to Bathurst. The pattern is a variation on one from Jo Sharp which I have used often and is very basic but can be dressed up with embroidery, different coloured yarn on each side or buttons.

And finally, Midge, who as soon as I had turned around to readjust and take another photo was settling herslf down for a nap on said cushion

I take this as a vote of approval.

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