Monday, 2 April 2012

Handmade farewell

Today I  went to farewell get together for a good friend moving on to an exciting new stage in her family's life. I am so pleased for her but it's mixed with some sadness as I will miss her and our chats at the playgound.

I decided I wanted to give her something handmade but I didn't leave myself a lot of time (nothing unusual here, I'm afraid to say).  I settled on knitted dishcloths, a bit unimaginative but I'm hopeful that they are always useful. My friend will be setting up a new home and truly, I think knitted dishcloths or facecloths just feel better. So I went to Ravelry for a pattern... there are a stack of patterns on Ravelry, lots of  people have generously posted free patterns and you could spend a lot of time having a good look at them all. I, however, with not much time and limited knitting skills chose two easy ones and I'm pretty happy with the results:

Little bird keeping an eye on things
I used an organic cotton yarn, 8 ply, from the local yarn shop, wrapped up with a cake of organic soap. Even a very slow knitter like myself can complete a couple of these in a week..... quicker if there is something good on the T.V.


  1. Definitely face washers - they are too soft and beautiful to wash dishes with! I'm so glad I will be able to keep an eye on your crafty goodness through the blog. Thanks Megan xxx

  2. Thanks for gorgeous comment, Amanda - I will miss you.